Monday, February 01, 2010

The Obama Admin and the Dodge

I watched David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs last week on TV. There were an awful lot of "Ahs" in their answers. It must be getting harder and harder to come up with the most effective dodge to whatever question's being asked. They are very good at it too.
I almost thought Axelrod was going to loose it for a minute there on "Meet the Press" though. He raised his voice and forced Gregory to listen to the answer he wanted to give, even though it had nothing to do with the question. Republicans this and republicans that. Every answer was the same. I said it before and I'll say it again. We're going to be hearing about George Bush for the next 10 years. Maybe longer. I mean, they're still talking about Reagan.
Well, I guess that's what happens when you know that noone believes the answers you're giving. It's hard to change the facts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

President Obama Commands

Well, well, well. President Obama is getting ready to push congress to protect the public once again. Last week, President Obama gave wall street the "Kiss of Death". Declared war on the banks and everybody else. A few kind words and it dropped 500 points. Now we're below the years start.
Democrats protected us from the credit card companies and look at how good they did. They all jacked up their rates and fees. I sure hope we're not in line for that again.
The democratic spin about the drop in the market is all about Bernanke. When I watch CNBC and other business channels, they talk about taxes and regulations, not Bernanke. I donno. Somebody's crazy.
The "American People" are just starting to recover some of their 401k and other investment losses, and now this? Congress wants to derail the whole operation? There needs to be some controls because congress doesn't seem to be able to provide oversight, but please, don't whack us again.
I'm hopeful that some people in congress will wake-up and open their eyes and ears and listen to us for a change.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama, Sen. Ed Kennedy, Chappaquiddick, & the Medal

When I heard the names of some of the people who are going to receive a medal, I had to chuckle. I only remember Billy Jean for beating Bobby Riggs in tennis. Then it got to be a little more serious.

The Esteemed Senator Edward Kennedy was named. I couldn't even believe my ears. Then I realized that Pres. Obama and liberal democrats in congress probably would think of him as a role model. I guess he was a product if the 60's after all. He was involved with sex, drugs, and rock and roll with plenty of cash and political muscle to escape any repercussions.

My thoughts gravitated to Mary Joe Kopechne (Bobby K.'s secretary) and Chappaquiddick Island. After a night of partying, Eddy was going to leave and Mary Jo was going to get a ride. He drove off of a bridge and the car ended upside down in a coastal waterway. The esteemed senator left her there but managed to swim to safety himself. He returned to his hotel room and went to sleep. Poor Mary Jo Kopechnes' body was found the next morning clinging to the highest point of the car where an air bubble would have formed. He forgot to go to police and report it until the cops showed up. Then he issued a statement.

The whole matter was cleared up in a couple of months with no more than a slap on the wrist. Oh, he did receive a 2 month suspended sentence for a couple of misdemeanors. Out of the goodness of his heart, he paid the family of Mary Jo $90,900 and his insurance co. shelled out another $50,000. But the poor guy blew his chance to run for the presidency. I guess the judge thought that was punishment enough.

Then there are all the stories about his sexual hijinks's, the stories about the "Au" bar, the drugs, and all the rest. Ya, I'd say he's just like the liberal side of the democratic party, reared in the 60's. The "Age of Aquarius".

We all know what Pres. Obama and the democrats think. Enlightened and free-thinking liberals all adore Teddy. Their hero. He's going to be honored with a medal.

I'd really like to know what Mary Jo Kopechnes' family thinks about the esteemed senator and his honorary medal.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obamas' Stimulus ?

The "stimulus bill" is really starting to look bad. Aside from the fact that it's really an $850 billion bill, with all the extra add-ons we get, most isn't spent. If road construction is the proof, I don't see were it's done anything. Illinois tollway fees were doubled last year, and besides around here there's atleast 3 roads torn up every year. Year after year, every spring, summer, and fall Chicagoans sit in construction zones for hours. We even get to pay extra if they finish a little early because winters bad enough. Of course, they're never really done, they still only have to block off small parts of the roads for stripping and stuff like that. Just minor inconvieniences they're called.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're fixing them, but after already paying trillions of dollars in local, county, state, and federal taxes, why do we have to pay again? Where did the money go? Besides, the money congress alotted is miniscule in comparison the the size of the bill.

I had to chuckle when I saw the President roll out those 29 or so police officers and then again when Joe Biden did the same whereever he was. The press fawned over the good deed they did. But, all the feds did was foot the bill for hiring them. I'm sure the citizens of those communities could've done that for themselves. That is if they wanted to pay more in taxesfor their salaries, health care, and pensions. It seems to me that the majority in those communitees didn't want to pay more in taxes. They're going to pay more taxes now though wether they wanted to or not, thanks to the President and vise-president.

It was nice to see that there was enough money allotted for the mayors, alderpersons (pc), governors, and all the rest of government to keep there jobs though. I mean, what would we do without them.

Me personally, I think we need to stimulate the economy by downsizing government. For example, here in Chicago, there are 50 alderpersons each making $110,000 per year with a $90,000 expense account. That doesn't take in county govt. and all the rest of the dead weight. I'm sure we'd all be just fine with half as many.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama and Health Care

My basic complaint about the new govt. health care ideas is that I might loose some of the coverage I already have. It took years, make that decades, for the union I belong to, to get the benefits we have. Some cracked heads along the way too.
I know, we keep hearing the same old democratic mantra that we can keep the heath care we have if we want to. Well isn't that nice.
The problem is what is our answer is going to be when they come to and say that Pres. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the govt. think that we get to much. How do we justify the coverage we now have against them.
Nobody ever talks about that. I feel, and my family does too, that we need every bit we have and couldn't do without it. It's not like we're getting off cheap. With deductibles and co-pays, it can get expensive, especially if you have children.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who's to Blame for the Tea Parties? Obama or the Congress

First off, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why that loony DHS report was released. Anything to divert attention from the protests, right Rahm? I've lived in Chicago for 45 years, I think I've seen almost all off the tricks Chicago dems have up their sleeves.

But to the point, I think both have contributed. Obama let Nancy and Harry ram through some pretty hefty spending bills, and they went crazy. They loaded them up with pork, I guess because Chuck said we don't care, and now it's blowing up in their faces. I think all Obama had to do was veto the last $340 billion dollar spending bill and he would've been alright now. Dems tried to defend it as last years business, making it even all the more acceptable to veto, but no one's buying it.

People aren't stupid and they know what's coming. Higher taxes. The money isn't laying around in the basement. It had to be borrowed.

I watched MSNBC and those commentators (Kieth, Rachel, Chris, Ed) and they just won't admit the truth. Try as they may, no one said anything about being a flaked out repub. The didn't want to cover the runnup, and now that it's all over the place, trying to change the story. Did you see that CNN reporter in Chicago? Even Nancy P. says so. But I know she's not that stupid. She's hoping this will blow over by the next elections. She knows they have 18 months or so to come up with a strategy to mollify the masses, or make them forget.

One problem is they played the Rush card to soon. Now all they have left is Bush, Rove, and Cheney. They've been griping about them for 2 years now and sooner or later it just isn't going to work for them anymore. People get tired of hearing the same old song and dance.

All I know is, if dems keep going the way they have been, there'll be some new faces in congress next year. Just ask Harry what's up. Their antics may even cost Obama his job.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's Greening of America

Well now that Pres. Obama signed the "stimulus" bill, the recovery is underway.I watched all the hoopla about going to Denver to sign the bill because of the "greenness" in the package. Not one news person asked about it.

First I watched our VP Joe Biden fly in in his own plane. Then a few minutes later the President arrived aboard AF-1, as he should, and that was just today. Never mind their barn-storming the country for the last couple of days. I find it hard to believe that they need to be apart when traveling, but not when they are together in large gatherings for hours. History has shown us that they're much more vulnerable to attack and harm when they're in a crowded area. But, there they were, all smiles and glad-handing, limos running and at the ready.

Congressional leaders were absent on stage, but it wasn't because they didn't want to take some credit, or that they were trying to save taxpayer dollars. They were almost all on junkets. Nancy Pelosi is off flying around Italy on her AF jet. Berlisconi could have told her "no" on the telephone, or sent her a fax. Dick Durbin, senator from the Great State of Illinois, is off to Turkey. Burris, democratic appointee by the Rodster has his own problems here in the Great State of Illinois. I don't know if anyone outside of Chicago saw it, but, Burris sure was in a hurry to get into the house when he got home here. Others are elsewhere. I'm sure you get the picture. Wonder how much these carbon credits are going to cost us when they get rolling.

Anyway, back to the "green". I have a funny feeling that the burden of "going green" and "energy conservation" is going to fall in one direction. Ours.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama and His Foreign Policy

Obamas' actions so far leave me wondering if we're going to be gettig another "Peace Dividend" like the one Bill Clinton gave us after Ronald Reagan won the cold war. That one gutted our spy angencies and military and probebly led directly to all the intell falures on Iraqi WMD, not to mention the lame response to the murders of our citizens.
Only 2 weeks in office and already we're finding out about secret back-door meetings with foreign leaders, all the while telling the American People "there's only one President at a time". Talk about sending mixed messages, being open, and transparent.
The rest of the world sure doesn't seem to be concerned about anything that Pres. Obama might do.
Putin got his new buddies to close access to an airbase that we used to resupply our troops, but now says he's willing to use his powers of pursuation to help us out. But he said that needs a sweetener, I think congress calls them, to help him make the sale. Just give-up on NATO and missle defense.
Pakistans' high court released A. Q. Khan from his terrible imprisonment. Now that Bush is gone and Obama and the dems. are in charge, they must've figured the poor guy suffered enough at home. He's now free to go about business as usual, I guess.
President Obama wants to close Gitmo. It's a laudable goal, but there's no plan to relocate them or try them anymore. Charges were just dropped on some of them even after they've admitted their own guilt. I heard reporst on the news about family members going there to watch the proceedings and the perprtrators laughing at them. I'm sure it's all for the good of the nations "image in the world".
But wait, now the new administration wants to come up with some kind of tribunal to handle the cases. Didn't we just go through that exercise with a congressionally approved tribunal?
Irans' busy shooting off missles and telling us they don't like the new ambassador, and we don't even have one named yet. That shouldn't be a suprise, they didn't seem to like the names of our badmitton team either. It'll be interesting to see if the Obama admin. goes through with nominating Dennis.
India and Pakistan. Where do you start?
The vice-president predicted the new admin would be tested early and people are amazed at his accuracy. Duh.
I'm willing to go out on a limb and make a prediction myself. I predict that in 4 or 8 yrs., whenever we get a new president, they'll be tested early in their administration.
Anybody amazed?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More & More of the Same-o Same-o

Sure does sound like more and more democrats are going to get caught up in the home loan debacle.

Dodd, Conrad, and now Obama. I wonder if the bucks will stop there with the democratic presidential contender?

Knowing and seeing the kid-glove treatment Obama gets from the press, I don't expect to hear much more about it. And I suspect other motives.

That said, Baracks home deal here in Chicago is sounding sleazier and sleazier.

I've lived in the city of Chicago from the Great State of Illinois for the last 59 years now. I had to laugh when I heard the excuses from Obama because I've heard seemingly every B.S. story on the books from Chicagos' internationally famously corrupt democrats for so long now. I say democrats because there has NEVER been a republican elected in Chicago ever. I think that we hold the record for having the most politicians go to jail for corruption than anywhere else in the country. Not to worry though, they always get off with a slap on the wrist. Some even get out after serving there time and run for office again. Gotta love it.

Right now our democratic governor Rod Blago is suspected of being "Politician A" in a federal bribe taking and job rigging investigation. Yes it involves Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko, who ended up in jail.

A little history. Obama fundraiser and jailbird Tony Rezko and democratic presidential contender Barack Obama each happen (by chance) to buy a 2 pieces of property right next door to each other. Obama bought his property (house) and received a $300,000 discount on the asking price when the R.E. market was red-hot. Rexko (a real estate developer) bought his unimproved property (no house) for $300,000 MORE than the asking price. Then Obama discovered that 1) the house doesn't have the elbow room on one side of it he'd like to have and 2) Tony Rezko just happens to own the lot next to that side. Imagine that. How lucky can a guy get? Anyway, Obama gets Tony to sell him a chunk of his property for what is termed a fair price, basically leaving the rest of the lot to small for building on. I guess with Rezko, the lots owner, in jail now, the lot will become an overgrown eyesore for a while. (To bad too, cause it cost him $600,000 for the lot.) That is until the city of Chicago (read taxpayers) step-up to the plate and keep it kept-up. And don't think that'll be because of Obamas' clout.

Now we hear more about Obamas R.E. deal. We're expected to believe that his position had nothing to do with the rate he got. I guess the rest of America just doesn't know how to negotiate, except for a few U. S. senators. Like I said before, being from Chicago I find that B.S. a little to hard to swallow.

I do wonder though if this Obama thing is being thrown out there as cover for Dodd, Conrad, and whoever else gets caught. Everybody (?) knows how innocent Obama is, and the press is in awe of him, so I don't expect it to come up much. By extension Dodd, Conrad, et al. get a pass.

So Simple.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Diane Gets Caught

Let's see if I've got this straight. Americans are losing good paying jobs, Mortgages are in trouble, incomes falling, gas rising, and the best that dem. senator Diane Fienstien could think to do for the "American People" is try and sneak an Amnesty provision for Illegal Aliens into a defense spending bill.
It kinda makes me laugh when I think about it.
With all the gnashing of teeth, hand-wringing, and crying by democrats in the hallowed halls of congress about money, one wouldn't think they would want to pile more of a debt burden on the shoulders of the "American People", but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Noone there , as far as I can tell, has tried to sneak in an ammendment to increase oil production here in the U.S. to relieve "pressure at the pumps". How about one to help stressed out homeowners? I wonder if they know anything at all about Chineese espionage?
I would be happy to hear about anything that would actually HELP the "American People". But, I just don't see that happening. EVER!
Funny how it only took one night to bailout Bear Sterns with a stand alone bill. One that actually stood on it's own merits, but can't get a stand alone bill to help our returning G.I.'s, or even an ammendment.
All that moaning about republicans and all I see is just back to business as usual, if the "American People" are against something just sneak this or that in when you get a chance.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oil Production and Democrats Go Hand in Hand

I've noticed a few things since the dems took control of congress with their "mandate" in the last election. Out of all of them, the one that sticks out most in my mind, are food and gas prices. Since democrats came to power, everything has doubled and tripled in price. Did the "People's party" do it for the benefit of large U.S. corporations they rail against? Is that the Progressive agenda? Go Green and kill off whole populations of people and destroy ecosystems worldwide so that we don't have to drill for oil here? Sounds like a plan.
Just today on the news, it was reported that members of congress were going to see Pres. Bush and DEMAND that he go to the Saudiis and DEMAND that they increase oil production. HUH?
Here in the good old U.S. of A., we have billions of untapped barrels of oil in Anwar. But don't drill there. Caribou.A couple of weeks ago, news stations reported the discvery of billions of more barrels under Montana, S. Dakota, stretching all the way into Canada. But don't drill there. It's been known for decades that there are trillions of cubic feet of natural gas under the western states. Don't drill there.
Instead of DEMANDING everyone else increase production, maybe democrats should open up those areas for oil drilling. Ya think? But, we're going green. Hooray.
A few months ago, the Saudiis announced that they were going to increase production, and oil futures dropped for 2 days. After markets realized that they couldn't actually do it, they started to go back up.
Imagine if our congress actually opened up the fields. I think prices would drop like a bomb. Fast and Hard, decreasing our dependance on the foreign oil congress likes to complain about.
Then there's the complaint about windfall profits and what to do about them. (Never mind the small fact that the insurance industry, and others earns about 30 times as much.) The fastest and probably best way to reduce windfall profits is to DRILL for oil. DUH.
But dems in congress aren't interested in that. They wouldn't have anything to complain about except for that old standby, George Bush, and he'll be gone soon.
I guess we just have to face the fact that congress and big industry are all in bed together.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

AMNESTY the Best Thing for the U.S.

The U.S. senate is getting ready to make their AMNESTY proposal. After the arrests today, I can't even believe they have the guts to bring it up. I hate to sound like Nancy Pelosi, but, the democrats seem to be turning a "TIN EAR" and a "BLIND EYE" to the feelings of the "AMERICAN PEOPLE" they claim to be so fond of. 60% of the population disagrees with their approach, so who are they beholden to?

6 foreign-born muslims. 1 granted citizenship,2 here on green cards, and 3 illegal aliens. Just great. They planned to kill as many of our soldiers as they could. When is enough killing and blaming America enough.

Now we have to hear the likes of Kennedy, Reid, and the usuals, drone on about how blessed we will be with the new AMNESTY plan. Are these the kinds of people he wants to allow to stay with no questions asked? Is this what America has to look forward to because of AMNESTY? Assaults and attacks because the U.S. senate "Expressed It's Will"? All those complaints about the President creating new terrorists, and our senators are trying to figure out a way to let them just WALTZ right in.

It's time to voice your opinions to your senators and others. It won't do any good, but at least they'll know what you think. I sent my senators a copy of the article, just incase they may have missed it on the news or in the hallowed halls of congress. After all, we all know how busy they are.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Poor Harry. The supreme court upheld a law that he voted FOR. Him and 17 of his democratic pals. They all voted for the Partial-birth Abortion ban without an exception for the health of the woman.

I would've thought that he wold be proud of the accomplishnent. Congress passes a law that passes constitutional muster and he's mad? In 2005 they fully supported it. He tried to blame the justices on the supreme court. Wished Sandra O'Connor were still around.

My guess, noone in the congress knows that the remedy is right there in front of them. All they have to do is AMMEND the BILL. But, I can appreciate the democrats dilema. They would have to actually "Speak Up" and "Go On Record". Can't have that. They figured the supreme court would get them off the hook.

There's the real problem. This court seems to be willing to judge the constitutionality of the laws congress writes. They aren't going to do their dirty work anymore.

Imagine that. Congress actually legislating. Don't worry though, I predict that with rules like that, Nothing will get done. Nobody there has the guts to do anything, except complain about nothing getting done.

Lots of important things to debate here in the U.S. Social Security, Medic-aid, the big Illegal Alien May Day marches, and noone there seems to notice. They may have noticed, but aren't willing to talk about any of it. As usual, just Bush and Iraq. Nothing about the plight of those unfortunate women, the over-burdened American Taxpayer, nothig. The silence is deafening. Why? Just because they'll have to go on record?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Broken Army

All this chatter about the army being broken. It's starting to sound like this "volunteer army" thing isn't really going to work to me. Atleast not at these levels. It's also starting to sound like we're in real trouble. Looks like congress really blew it on the size army America really does need. They got carried away with the "Peace Dividend". Another failure of congress to adequately Analyze and equip our military. What will we do if we have to field a million soldiers in a confrontation with say China? In today's environment I can't see that happening.

I was listening to an interviews on the radio with people who were at the peace rally yesterday. One interviewee said that she heard about a woman that was severely traumatized at seeing a police officer spray pepper-spray in someones face. That the poor woman reported that she would have a very long recovery from PTSD, of all things. If that's to much for the populace to handle, we're in real trouble. We won't be able to stand-up to anyone.

The WWII generation really is turning out to be the greatest generation. Our soldiers managed to come back home, after years of horrific combat, ignore PTSD and everything else, and still build the country into what it is today. It seems like they performed a heroic feat. Certainly better than our generation or the next, seem to be willing to do.

What is America going to do?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What About Us?

I watched Rep. Maxine Waters on Fox News Sunday this morning (3-11-07) and she looked and sounded like a nervous wreck. The democrats don't want to have to deal with Iraq in 2008 and are desperately trying to figure a way out. She seemed to be as flustered as Nancy gets. I think that it's starting to reach critical mass. Mike had to stop her a couple of times and remind her that she wasn't answering the questions he was asking. At times, she just seemed to rattle on.

On of the parts I liked was when she said WE caused the civil war. She said that the Iraqis' all got along wonderfully while Sadam was there and in charge. I don't think I have to give reasons why. I found it hard to believe she said it, and even harder to believe that some people really do believe just that.

Yes, democrats are desperately trying to find the right way to say "Cut and Run". If this war drags on, they will have to deal with it. How are they going to say "Bush lost the war" then? They'll have to come up with their own ideas about whether to win it or loose it on their own. Ha, ha, ha.

Things don't look promising though. Even members of their own party aren't committed to Nancy, Maxines', or Harrys' ideas, let alone, 60 members.The left wing of the democratic party isn't going to like that either. The days of a simple majority are over in the senate. If democrats think that they will get re-elected for trying, they may be in for a surprise. Newt actually enacted legislation that passed in the senate.

It's to bad the dems are devoid of any ideas on how to win this thing. I would have thought that a party so worried about the children, would come up with something that would spare them the job in the future. Farther ahead than 2 years. All I ever hear is that al Sadr, Iran, and the Sunnies don't want us there.

The So. Koreans don't want us there. The No. Koreans don't want us there. The Chinese don't want us there. The Japanese don't want us there. The Okinawans' don't want us there. The Russians don't want us in Europe. Even the U.N. doesn't want us in N.Y.C., investigating things like the "Oil for Food" program, or the new "U.N./ATM" scandal that's going to get going. Now the U.N. is going to have to hire another ex-somebody to try and paper the deal over and try and make it look legit and shut everybody up.

Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and admit the truth. NOBODY wants us around. They're just looking for another hand-out. Bushs' trip to So. America proved that. All we heard was that the U.S.A. wasn't paying enough attention to them. None of that seems to register with dems though. Nancy, Maxine, and Harry are just looking for power.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the Carpet

I saw a good one the other day. I was watching a senate hearing and Sen. Dianne Feinstein was grilling the governor from Louisiana. Gov. Blanco was complaining about how long it takes for the reconstruction grants to be processed and to straighten out any problems with the figures. Then they had the company president on. He said they had hired and trained more staff to finally handle the job.

But this is a problem that the Gov. made herself. She chose and hired the company herself. Then she went before the senate crying the blues.

They saved the best for last though. Mayor Nagin took the seat and said that he could do a better job by himself with a couple of local banks. I almost fell out of my chair. That was beautiful. He was jus about to be called before congress himself for, let's say "irregularities"(?), about what happened to all the Federal Dollars that were supposed to go for levee inspections and repairs. Then Katrina hit and she got them all off the hook. I can imagine what we'd be hearing and reading about if the mayor had his way.

I'll bet the good senator wanted to die though. Mostly softball question and every democrat there trying to blame everyone else. Not a repulican in the bunch.

That's our congress in-action. These MAROONS really think they know whats good for us.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Grief! It's the Peace Dividend, Stupid

Grief is fairly widespread in Washington these days.
There's some grief over the Scooter Libby trial. Even the press is squirming, and I can't say I'm sorry about that.
There is some more grief over the budget proposal. Maybe even a whole bunch of it. You know, caused by the so-called "budget cuts" from the Bush admin.
There is grief in the congress about the Iraq Strategy. The usual players, the usual complaints, the usual, usual.
There's even some left over grief about Speaker Pelosi's plane, but let's skip all that.
I like Sen. Carl Levin's grief the best. He's got to be one of the best actors I've ever seen. The grief on that man's face is incredible. He never has a good day. He must really exercise and take good care of himself to be able to carry the all the grief of the American People on his shoulders like that. I'm sure that if you looked up Atlas in Webster's Dictionary or in the Encyclopedia, Sen. Carl Levin's pix would appear.
His latest burden is trying to comprehend how a person (fitch) could give the President a report with a different danger assessment than the CIA's.
Is he talking about the same CIA that got military strength of the former USSR wrong?
The same CIA that got the fall of the former USSR wrong?
The same CIA that said that Saddam was years away from developing "The Bomb" before Gulf War 1?
The same CIA that was wrong about N. Korea's bomb-building ability?
The same CIA that missed 9-1-1? Should I go on?
Maybe Carl knows something we don't. Is there a 2nd secret CIA the American People don't know exists that got the reports right?
I seem to remember some grief a couple of years ago, in the congress, about what should be done to make the 1st CIA functional again. I guess Carl Levin forgot about the "Peace Dividend". you know, that's the one that democrats during the Clinton admin. said we got after Ron Reagan won the Cold War. The Clinton admin gutted the CIA and the military, explaining that they were intrusive and obsolete in a "Post Cold War World". That there was nothing to worry about in a "Post Cold War" world. So our congress, in all it's wisdom, started cutting.
Now, Sen. Carl Levin wants to know where the equipment is that our troops could use. Now, Sen. Carl Levin wants to know why people don't believe the CIA. HA! If that doesn't beat all. If anyone should know, it should be members in the "Hallowed Halls of Congress". They acted before Bush came into office. Carl doesn't remember that they "CUT" buying for the military and "CUT" funding for the CIA.
Good Grief Carlly Levin, it's the "PEACE DIVIDEND" come home to roost!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

How Do You Spell "SWIFTBOAT"?

O'Bama running for the presidency, If that doesn't beat all. I can see already that the democrats are going to have a battle royale on their hands.

My prediction is "Ugly". Two years running for office is a long time and with O'Bama being black, I can see a lot of "Swift-boating" action ahead. White candidates will be afraid to say anything against O'Bama for fear of being called racist. It's already started. Barak's education has been called into question and the Clinton camp doesn't know a thing about the report or where it came from. Then there's Joe Biden's comment. I didn't see anything wrong with what he said, but I'm white so what do I know? I had to be educated over the next couple of days about the subject by Jesse and Al.

Congress works longer now and it's a good thing, because with all these candidates running around the country, it's hard to see how much work they'll be able to get done. At least, it's hard for me to see anyway. To me it looks like 2 more years of Bush bashing. We're going to be hearing about Bush for the next 20 years. just like Ronald Regan and he was right.

You must admit though, it's better to have congress doing nothing. They don't have a clue. Experts are grilled in front of committees on TV and they just ignore what they hear. That is unless the person agrees with the interrogators point of view. We witnessed an example of it last week. The Expert (the General) says one thing and the inexperienced (congress) doesn't like what he has to say, so the inexperienced explain to the Expert that he doesn't know what he's talking about and he's wrong, but he's still OK in their book.

Got off the path a little here, so back to the "swiftboating". About the only way to say anything negative about O'Bama is to let the 527's take care of any problems the domocrats think they have.

Then again, there's another possibility. That Barak escapes a beating altogether, because everyone's afraid to say anything for fear of being misconstrued. Even Bill and Hillary are going to be putting on the kid gloves. Republicans especially. They can't say anything bad or even good about him without the country going nuts. We could end up with an inexperienced senator becoming an untested president.

Now that would really make for a boring campaign. But if that happens I'm sure the news media will find a way to liven things up. It all depends on which democrat they think should be president, for the good of the People, ofcourse.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off to the Races

They said that the new speaker of the house, Nancy, was a very shrewd pol. This week her experience and shrewdness is paying off.

It's a good thing that she choose 100 hours, instead of100 days. It hasn't even been 30 days yet, and already we've had some real eyeopeners. The democrats promised us changes and an open congress, and boy are they ever taking us there.

Here we have Nancy trying to depress the wages of the poorest workers and trying to get free air travel for her relatives. Harry Reid raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars on $20,000 investments and then promoting and passing legislation his partners needed for their own enrichment. Then there's Sen. Finstein on the MILCOM committee passing legislation to enrich her husband's investment firm and his partners. His companies are some of the leading providers of military services. What else can be added about Joe Biden's remarks.

Seems like more of the same old stuff to me. Although now, they can't go to anymore free Superbowl games or get free donuts. THAT'S GOOD?

They can still be able to rake in the cash though, so we won't have to fret about that.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

100 Hours in Record Time

Congrats Nancy, you've completed your agenda in record time. To bad it probebly won't amount to much. Unless the Senate acts, all that glad-handing is for naught.

The house can change it's own rules, but that's it.

Minimum wage? Most people here make more, except in American Samoa I heard.

Even cracking down on big oil will go down. The price of oil has just dropped below $50 a barrel. The oil give-aways democrats are concerned about were OK'ed by the Clinton admin. back in 1998. I sure don't remember hearing any complaints back then. That makes me think that things looked alot different then to the Clinton admin. and the oil companies needed the help.

I'll say one thing though, the democrats and liberal press did an excellent job of feeding the "American People" alot of Dis-Information. Some things will never change. The republicans should take note on how they did it.

Now let's see if you can do the same with S.S. or immigration. You know, something that'll really matter to the "American People". Who knows, you might even help us.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The 1st Hundred Hours

Didn’t take long, did it? Only the 1st week and the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are up to their old tricks. Moaning and Groaning about everyone paying their fair share of taxes, and then exempting the biggest earners, and driving up our costs. Soon we’ll hear about the S.S. Trust fund being broke and now we know 1 reason why. At $3.26 per hour, you don’t pay much into the system, but you still collect a great deal.
Then we started in with the excuses from every dem in the country. How come they didn’t mistakenly forget Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin isles, or even Illinois. We have lots of Illegal Aliens here because of all the incentives offered to them. From the democratic mayor in Chicago, (Daley) to the democratic county, (Cook under Stroger), to the democratic governor, (Blagojavich). Our employers probably need some help lowering wages too, because the Illegals aren’t getting the job done fast enough. But, we don’t have any tuna here. Carp.
I’m sure that the real story though, is she was responding to the needs of a constituent. Being a multi-millionaire herself, and owning a huge winery business, she understands the need to control costs. What’s the big deal? I don’t think she could just be testing the waters to see if maybe in the next year or so, maybe there could be a way to give Carte Blanche to the wineries to screw their poor, down-trodden workers, just the ones she represents (for now) of course.
$3.26 an hour on an island that has to import everything that it needs and/or wants, except maybe fish. I doubt they have enough room to grow any crops at all on those tiny islands. They say gas is over $3.50 a gallon in Hawaii, so I can imagine what it is there. I guess it would be hard enough to buy a bicycle, much less a car or motorcycle on a salary of $3.26 an hour though, so I guess it really doesn’t matter much. Unbelievable.
Then, they showed the representative of the islands, and he was yelling and screaming about Nancy being right and the American People not knowing what’s going on. Basically to shut-up. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Personally, I think that guy should be investigated for bribery by the FBI. I find it hard to believe that someone didn’t pay him off. I mean, how do you do that to your own people?
Ofcourse, he does have a point though. He manages to scrape by on his own meager salary ($175,000+ per) and he doesn’t complain. I guess it’s like the man said, “We Don’t Live There”.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Time for a Linguist?

"Train more Iraqi troops faster", "Stay the course", "We'll stand down when they stand up". Democrats were cheering what the Iraqi commission had to say. What a joke. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted (again) on a commission that basically endorsed the Bush Plan on Iraq. The president wants to wait until 2007 before he lays out a new plan "based on the commission's recomendations", but I'm sure it'll take a lot longer. The problem is that there isn't a linguist at the White House. Somehow the words have to be changed or rearraigned so that when George Bush says to "stay the course", "train more Iraqi troops faster", and "that we'll stand down when they are ready to stand up" again, it won't sound like he said it, it'll sound like a commission said it. There's got to be some heavy dictionary use going on right now. Capitol hill is loaded with lawyers and we all know how well they can parse words. Real pros at that. I expect to hear some real tongue-twisting when he makes that speech, and in the days to come, as they float trial ballons.

I Wrote a Letter to Senator Durbin

Dear Senator Durbin,
I heard on the news that you and the future leader of the senate, Sen. Harry Reid, were in the So. America Andean countries, but you'll both be back for Former Pres. Ford's funeral. What were you doing down there?
Channel 7 news reportsd that the Andean countries are pushing for even greater access to the U.S. market and about our mean-spirited immigration policies. Is that true? Now that the democrats are in charge, are you there to give away more American jobs? Are you there to complain about American-made products being shut out of their markets? (not likely)
Then there's this immigration thing. Are you and the future majority leader of the senate demanding or even asking that those nations improve the standard of living for their own people so they can earn a decent living at home in their own countries? Are you and the future majority leader of the senate just nodding your heads in agreement with them, That we mean-spirited American Taxpayers need to understand and reach out and give comfort and aid to the millions of Illegal Aliens that broke-in to our counry, stole S.S. numbers, lied on applications, and contributed to driving down American wages?
I heard that both you and the future majority leader of the senate will be coming back for the funeral, so I'm eagerly looking forward to your press confrence on how you laid down the law while you were there. I'm sure that the
American People can't wait to hear how you saved their jobs and wages too.
Thank you for your time.
P.S. The Iraqi commission pretty much endorsed the Bush plan for Iraq. When I heard the commission say "stay the course", "train more Iraqi troops", "we should leave when they're ready to takeover", I expected to hear some complaints from democrats congress that it was George Bush light, but the democrats loved it. Why, I guess because George Bush didn't say it this time. Joe Biden was the only one to complain, and that's only because they didn't think his plan was any good. What a waste of time, energy, and taxpayer dollars.
Oh ya, one more thing, another Increase in the Murder rate here back at home in Chicago. I know that you were out of the country, so I just wanted to let you know that 466 Chicagoans were Shot, Stabbed, Clubbed, Beaten, and/or Burned to death in 2006. It was reported on Channel 7 News this morning. They didn't give a figure on the wounded though.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Negotiator Cometh

9-11 is here and it seems like everyone has ssomething to say or gripe about or both.I had to drive my girlfriend to work, so I had a chance to listen to WNPR for a while. I like Public Radio although sometimes I have to turn it off, because they have some real loonies on their shows. The callers are off in lala land too.

Naturally today the talk was about 9-11, the war on terror, and Iraq. All these years the answer has been "Bush lied" and "we need to get other countries involved". Now the mantra is "Negotiate".

I've looked at those questions, and all I can say is that the Whole World Intell community was in Agreement on Iraq. Every Intell agency in the Whole World agreed that Saddam had WMD, as inconvenient as that may be. I can't believe that anyone with 1/2 a brain can still possibly thinks that anyone is going to help us. Al Qeada has convinced everyone except Blair and Bush not to go against them. Just take an honest look at what happened in Madrid.

That only leaves "negotiate," but negotiate what? Islamists and Democrats say we have to change our foreign policy in the middle east. To what? They complaign that we support bad governments like the Saudi's and Kuwait.Those people aren't free like we are here in the USA, but they can drive, Vote in some cases, listen to music, watch movies and tv, travel, and they are loosening up their societies. How many hundreds of years did it take for women to get the right to vote here in the "free" world?

That's the part I don't get. Are we supposed to Negotiate away those advances, however meager they are, for a Taliban-like Regime? How many lashes are allowed under the "Geneva Convention" for not wearing a Burka? 5, 10, 20? Should they be shot for leaving the house without a male escort? Is that what we Enlightened people in the West are supposed to "negotiate"? I don't ever recall ever hearing about the Taliban letting the Afghans vote for anything at all. I can only remember seeing on TV the Afghans being beaten, stabbed, and shot dead at old soccer fields for Disobeying their rules. In Somalia were the Islamic Courts took over the country, the Islamist Defenders of the Faith went aroud Killing people for watching a World Cup soccer game on TV, in the name of God though.

Am I really to believe that if we don't support those Middle East govts. and let the Taliban-tyes loose on the population, that the Arab street is going to love us and rejoice? I tend to doubt it. They hate us now, and it's better than its ever been. I can only imagine what they'ld do if we made it worse.

It's time for anyone with 3/4's or more of a brain to start using them, Wake-up and Smell the Coffee as the saying goes.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Revisions. Looks like they're going to be the order of the day. I find it hard to believe the Democrats are complaining about the film being released. All this time they've been talking about the truth being presented to the public and here's their chance. But as everyone knows there are 3 sides to the Truth, and I assume that this isn't the side they wanted released. Poor Dems. I'll bet they never thought that this stuff would never see the light of day. They must've thought they had everyone buffaloed into believing they had nothing to do with 9-11. But with everything in the public record, it's hard to hide. So, their only recourse is to try and discredit the truth, or get the story killed. They chose Smear the TV station.

Ben-Venista and Dick Clark are out there in front leading the charge. I'm sure that if the subject comes up on the Sunday Talk Shows, the chorus will be loud and shrill. The network already knuckled-under and changed a scene iin which "Sandy" Burger declined to give an order to kill bin Laden. The station also changed the stories' description, from docudrama to deoiction. What's up with that? So it seems that we won't be seeing the Whole Truth ot even the Truth, just a watered down version of events Pleasing to Democrats.

I'll bet Madeline is really upset. She is so good at trying to keep the focus on the Bush admin, but now it looks like she'll have to defend her own inaction. I cann't wait to hear the B.S. the former Sec. of State is preparing to spew.

Even former V.P. Al Gore will get a chance to explain what happened. However I don't expect to hear anything but the standard mantra about Bush failures. He will be covering his ass tho. Probebly won't be able to shed much light on the subject because he was out of the "loop".

Yesterday the newspapers wrote the Bill himself was leading the charge for change, but today it claimed that Doms and bloggers and Progressive groups are behind it. looks like all their complaining is beginning to have it's desired effect.

Revise History Now, before to many people find out the Real truth.

The Labor Day March

We just had a bunch of illegal aliens march through Illinois last weekend, for Labor Day, and noone cared. They marched from Chicago to the home of House Speaker Dennis Hastert. The Illegal aliens are positioning themselves to influence the legislation that's going to be passed after the elections. That's when we will be sold out by the Elites in Washington. After all, who knows best? Us or the Elites, like for instance, Sens. Dick Durbin and Barak Obama from Illinois. They don't really care if MY wages are increased, they're only concerned about raising the wages of Illegal Aliens. They proved that last week.

Ya, we Legal American Citizens, just sit around like bumps on a log hoping that something will happen, or maybe the problem will just go away. If this keeps up, the Illegal aliens, who've broken-in, stolen S.S. numbers, and undercut everyones wages, Will win the battle for the "Hearts and Minds(?)" of our Elites in Washington.

I really thought that all the talk about raising the Minimum wage would've gotten people talking, but alas. I can't believe that noone sees or wants to state the obvious, that wages would sky-rocket the day after Illegal were unemployed. I can remember in my lifetime and it wasn't that long ago, when it was college kids looking for college money took all those jobs. But our Elites in Washington are trying to convince us that they won't do that work anymore.

Now we're getting news stories about Investigative reporters being attacked in California. Stories of news stations being attached by Pro-Illegal Immigration groups. How much more abuse are our "elected" elites in the Hallowed Halls of Congress in Washington going to submit us to before they decide to take the kind of action the American People are demanding? It's unbelievable. Imagine telling your boss that he'll have to wait on a project because it's too hard to deal with and that you want to see if your contract is going to be renewed first. Do you think you'ld last more than 10 minutes? Well that's exactly what our Congressional Elites in Washington have said to the American People. Maybe they need another big fat raise to get them motivated. They just "awarded" themselves one, but it apparantly wasn't not have been enough to get them to do anything yet.

Right now the big push is on to register hispanics to vote in the upcoming elections. The organisers are trying to convince us that it'll be Legal and above board, because lying about their status would be a "felony". Is that a joke or what? They are already stealing S.S. numbers and getting counterfiet documents to carry on their business and aren't worried about getting caught now. So now with the whole country up in arms about voting machine irregularities, we are going to have to deal with Illegal aliens voting illegally and go through the hassle of proving it. This election is going to have the most Illegal votes of all time. That combined with the losers claiming the machines didn't work is going to be a real mess.

The Elites in Washington really got us in deep this time. There's going to be some major finger-pointing going on in the months ahead. Our elites inWashington don't know what's going on, and know even less about what to do about it. All I know is Let the Legal American Citizens Beware, because the Elites in Washington are going to give us our Just Due as soon as they are reelected. All I can do is hope that they aren't.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Reminder from "The King"

The Iranian problem reminds me of the words to an old Elvis song. "We're all shook-up, uh huh huh, ya ya ya, all shook-up". Having said that, I said before, that we should be using all means at our disposal to defeat the current Iranian regime. It's time to do what Ronald Regan did to the Soviets. When he said " Mr. Gorby, Tear Down this Wall" I felt like it was our finest moment and was damn proud to be an American that day.But Ronald didn't just say it, he had the GUTS to go out and do it.

Then when he went to Rykovick, and turned down the "Russian Offer" on missles, the whole world went Bonkers. All the "Elite Brain Surgeon Know-it-alls" predicted WW3 was right around the corner. Ya, everybody was going to start bombing everybody the very next day. Ha Ha Ha. Boy, did the Know-it-alls Blow that one.

It's time to start flooding the Iranian dissidents Millions of Dollars to foment as much internal rabble rousing as we possibly can. I can't understand what our leaders in Washington can possibly be thinking. Russia collapsed shortly after we really got down to business. It's time to bury those cockroaches NOW. The same should go for the Chinese and the DPRK. Of course, the latter will be tougher, because Kim is killing off as many of his own people as he can already. He doesn't care. He's doing one hell of a job too. The Chinese are a Little more concerned about their image though, atleast it seemed that way, judging from the Chinese reaction in Switzerland. I really got a laugh hearing them Loose it and tell the US to "SHUT-UP". I'm still laughing about it. For a minute there, I thought they were going to have a heart attack. I can't help but think of Bugs Bunny whenever I think about it. " Sha-dap". They need a little payback.

It's time to flood the air-waves with Pro-democracy propaganda from as many TV and radio stations as we can. Not in 2 or 3 weeks, but NOW! We all know that there will be those learned members of congress who'll fight Bush tooth and nail, just like they tried to with Ron Regan. Some of them just don't get it at all. You gotta fight fire with fire. Just like our forest fire fighters do. There'll be more predictions of WW3 and the like, but as we've seen before it "Ain't gonna happen". They'll be to busy fighting off their own people. They used to call it people power back in the 80's.

It's time to tell the world our intentions and "JUST DO IT". Message and Money works everytime.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honesty the Best Policy

Well, well, well. It looks like the ACLU has bought their own judge. I shouldn't say that they bought her, it's more like she bought into them and they took advantage of the deal. Looked around in their records until they found her. What luck, huh? Sure wish I could do that. There are a few parking tickets I'ld like to have taken care of.

I remember the day she published her ruling on the case. All I heard on the liberal news stations and commentators, was how the Bush administration would FINNALLY have to come clean and abandon their efforts to protect the American People. They were jumping up and down with glee. Now it's been exposed for what it really is. Just another Democratic Partasan attempt to Corrupt the court system. Boy did that blow-up in their faces in a hurry.

All these years of tring to tarnish the Bush admin, and they're still at square one. I guess that they'll never give up. After having their cases shot down in 5 judicial districts, they decided to try and cheat with a sixth.

Last night I heard a comment about how long the Bush tenure was. They tried to make it sound like a lifetime appointment. The only lifetime appointment I know of is for federal judgeships. I think we've got a lot tp worry about. I never really realized how many or how bad that Democratic nominations are. Looks like we are going to get a real education on them over the next few years. It'll be interesting to see just what lengths that the Democrats wil go to.

The best part is that they aren't even apologetic about the affair. Some are still trying to use her ruling as a real Victory for truth, justice, and the American way.
I can only imagine the Uproar if a Republican tried to pull off a stunt like that. It would be never ending on every station in the world.

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats.Republicans Honestly bring lawsuits and Democrats are willing to do anything to get their way. Bill Clinton did the things he was accused of. George Bush did the things he's accused of, except he was doing it in the name of National security.I don't think it's a bad idea to liten in on Al Qaeda's phone calls. Afterall they did manage to stop the bombing of the Brooklyn Bridge, no matter how much Democrats want to say otherwise. The bombing of the American air carrers was foiled by NSA wiretaps. Who really knows what else has been stopped. We won't find out for another 20 or 30 years or so.

Maybe if the Dems were a little more Honest they would be able to do something. They just don't seem to get the fact that people are tired of all the B.S. in Washington. As bad as the republicans look, democrats look worse because they Lie about so many things. It's about time that they all realize that honesty is the best policy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Bright Side

Just got over the worst cold I've had in some time. There's so much going on that I don't know where to start.

I can't believe how fast Illegal Immigration fell off the radar screen. I'll bet they're Really happy in Washington. I haven't heard anything from our senators here in the Great State of Illinois. Til today that is. It's probebly because our Congress hasn't done anything since Aug. 3.That's when they decided to build a Whopping 370 miles of Fencing along our southern border. It's a real deal at a cost of about 1.8 BILLION Dollars. 370 miles, why even bother. There are Illegal Aliens flooding across the border according to all the news reports. On Fox news they reported a 16% increase in overall immigration. Half of them are reportedly Illegal.Approx. 18,000,000. Immigration bills are languishing in both House and Senate. Neither party thinks they can do anything untill After the elections so they're hoping that they won't have to deal with it until during the campaign.

Just another Slap in the Face to the American People, to quote Harry Ried, except this time, He's doing the slapping.

I think it's time to throw the bums out, as the saying goes. Our esteemed leaders in Congress haven't done anything to help the Beleagered American Taxpayer, except add pork to our appropriation bills. They just love to spend our tax dollars, while they sit on their asses looking smart and important. I guess we should just call it what it really is, "POSING". Our elected officials don't care how many Illegal Aliens flood into the country. They all got a big fat raise this year, and that's all they care about. They just know their jobs won't be taken by Illegal Aliens or Outsourced, although they should be. More would probebly get done. What a sweet deal they've dealt themselves over the years.

Well we heard from the honorable Sen DickDurbin today. Here in Chicago, Illinois, we have our very own Illegal Alien holed up in a Methodist church,claiming "Sanctuary", no less. The church is Adalberto United Methodist church in our Humbolt Park neighborhood. Elvira Arellano is defying a deportation order. She was a cleaning woman at O'hare Int. airport. She was picked-up in 2002 during an immigration sweep to secure our Airports after 9-11. She was using a False S.S. number and had been previously been deported, but broke-back in Illegally.

Our home state senator, Sen. Dick Durbin and others of his ilk, urged the Dept. of Homeland Security to let her stay in the country to take care of her son, who just happens to be a U. S. citizen. I guess he was accidentally born here in the U.S.

Quote Sen. Dick Durbin "It's an unfortunate truth that scores of people are in the same situation as Elvira and her family. We cannot remedy the Injustices of this system with private bills for everyone. Only Comprehensive Immigration Reform can remedy the situation". That sounds to me like our esteemed senate has their minds made up.

Screw the American Taxpayers. More unearned Medi-care, more unearned earned income tax credit, more unearned S.S. benefits, more unearned unemployment for Illegal Lawbreaking Aliens.

But then you have to look at the bright side. We are going to get something out of this afterall. The U.S. taxpayers get to PAY for it all.

Read the article;,1,3848429.story?coll=chi-homepagenews-utl.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to the X's

Poor Cynthia. She struck out and is singing the blues. I listened to some of her consession rant, and I don't think she missed blaming anybody or anything. I had to laugh when I heard someone quip that it might have been people with finger nails that were to long, hitting the key above first.

She singled out the voting machines. I wondered if they were those dastardly Debolt machines we've heard about. If not, then we have a cabal of manufacturers out there trying to steal elections. I wonder if you can order republican only, or democrat only vote stealing machines.

I always thought that it was those mean republcans that stole votes from democrats. Here it turns out to be the democrats stealing votes from their fellow democrats. There's a switch.

Before you know it, we'll be marking X's on ballots again. That is if anyone can remember how it was done. It seems to be the only thing we can do.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What About Us?

Well, I took a little vacation up in No. Minnesota to go fishing, and now I'm back. The local newsstations don't have coverage like we do here, so I didn't see very much. From what I have seen since I've been back, I sure didn't miss much.

I see the Isreali's and Hezbollah are still at it. I can also see that the U.N. is still at it. What a joke. 26 or 27 days and they are incapable of doing anything.

One thing I did like tho, was the idea of the French taking the lead on any security ops in Lebanon. Good! It's about time that someone elses troops become the targets. The French are supposedly buddy-buddy with the Arabs and they think they can broker the deal. Let them.

Before I left, I heard Sen. Joe Biden on TV, complaining that the U.S. wasn't taking the lead in the ops. This guy is famous for saying that our troops always end up being the main targets in any situation. In Iraq where we took the lead, he complains about our troops being the main targets of the insurgency. Now he wants to put our troops in harms way by putting them in-between the Israeli's and Hezbollah. What does he think, our troops won't become the targets there? That guy is something else. I realized back in '69 that there were people who wanted to kill Americans, but Joe doesn't seem to get it yet.

The thing that suprises me the most tho, is the coverage the scurmish is getting. It dominates the news. Although I think Israel is right in what it's doing, I'ld still like to hear how our OWN troops are doing, and if they're safe MORE.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congress and Stem Cells

Here goes our congress to save us again. Our scientists and the congress are going to bring us the next " miracle drug". Stem cells. There seems to be a small problem tho, and no-one wants to talk about it. But our elites in Washington are on the case.

I'm almost 57 and I've seen some "miracle drugs" come and go. Let's look at some.

I grew up during the Atomic Age, and the new "miracle drug" was Radiation. It was going to kill All the Bad Germs and cure cancer. We were told that mankind would live to be 150 years old. Well they are still using the procedure with, let's say mixed results.

Next we had Anti-biotics. We were told back then that the new "miracle drug" would cure cancer and everything else. Mankind would live to ripe old age of 150-175 years old. Now our scientists tell us that WE blew it, by over proscribing. We either took too much or not enough, depending on who you talk to. A lot of diseases are resistant now.

Then when my kids were born the " miracle drug" was umbilical cord blood. The cell part didn't come until later. Scientists were falling all over themselves with predictions of how wonderful life was going to be. They were going to cure cancer and everything else, Again. Mankind would live to a ripe old age of 175 years. It's been 30 years and I would have thought that by now our scientists would have more to show for the effort.

Now it's Stem cells. They're going to cure cancer and everything else. Well they have been workung with them for 15-20 years now and aside froma few positive results, so far as we know, I heard on Wisconsin Public Radio, that some of the expirements are being stopped. I heard that some of the people who've recieved treatments are developing tumors and cancer. Yes, it's pretty hush hush. Nothing in any newspapers about it. They can't tell which stem cells are good and which are bad. All this time I was led to believe they were all good. That' what our congress said. That's what scientists tell us on TV everynight. I feel like I'm not getting the whole truth, so I can make an informed decision.

I guess it's always that way when you have people with an agenda, like congress and scientists. Sometimes I think they would get alot more done if they just told us the whole truth. All they ever want to tell us is 75 or 80% of the story. Why people don't believe them is completely over their heads. If they were just upfront about whatever, we really could decide. Put the question on the ballot. If the American People think it's a good idea, they'll say so loud and clear when we vote. Congress will never let that happen tho, because they're afraid to take a chance. I mean what if the "Will of the People" clashes with the "Will of the Senate"? Then it's a real pain in the butt for them. Then they have to figure out a way to B.S. us into thinking they're on our side, when in reality they're stabbing us in the back, Again.